This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a face mask out of a cotton sock in literally two minutes without sewing. I decided to make this tutorial, even though  if  it is not the safest mask option, because it is super easy and fast. Really no skills required! Which makes it a perfect last minute option and is better than nothing. So, let’s see how to make it!

You will only need a cotton ankle sock and pair of scissors.

Cut the the sock horizontally about 5-6 cm under the heel.

Then cut the sock vertically.

Open it up.

Fold in the middle horrizontally and cut in both sides vertically leaving about 1cm from the edge in both directions (side and bottom).

Trim a bit of the edges.

Ready to wear!

I have to say again here that this is probably not the safest mask ever to protect you from the virus I am no specialist, but as fas as I have understood it is preferable to have a surgical mask, either a cotton mask with a pocket for a filter. Also it is pretty warm for summer time. But it is by far the easiest to make! Anyway, in case you want to try it out when you need an emergency mask and have no other option now you know how!

Stay safe!