My story

Hello there!

My name is Eleanna Kotsikou. I come from Greece. I grew up in Athens but I come from Serifos and Pelion, two lovely places in Greece (the one is an island and the other is a mountain). I have lived in France, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK and I currently live on a Greek island. I love: design in all scales, diagrams, the sea, abandoned industrial spaces, dance and ice-creams.

I have studied architecture [A.U.TH., GR] and urbanism [ MSc, TUDelft] and I have worked in these fields in well-known firms as well as a freelancer [ I still take on commissioned work, when sock creature making allows that]. The urge to create something of my own and the need to deal with smaller projects with more short-term results, where I could be directly involved with all phases of the creative process: idea-concept, design and construction, lead me to fund sockool. My favourite part of the process is when I create the face. Each sock creature then gets its personality: some are grumpy, some are cute, some are happy and some are just weird. They are all one of a kind and I love them all equally and hope you will too.

I have to say I am really lucky and grateful to have the support and help of my friends and family: whether this means they provide care and food, help me stuff the creatures for a big order, drive me to the markets, help me get organised, keep me company while stitching, or just listen to my worries about how to grow my business.

I have a love for all stuff handmade and I am a fun of sharing knowledge and ideas and motivating others to get creative. Therefore I enjoy writing craft tutorials, which I will eventually share some with you here at my blog [ at least that is the plan]. I have also published a book about how to make polymer clay jewellery [ available only in Greek, sorry].

Take care,