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Ο πιο κουλ και γουρλής Άγιος Βασίλης!

Με σχέδιο χιονονιφάδα στην πλάτη.

Γούρι και στολίδι!  (Με κορδόνι για να κρέμεται)


περίπου  14 x 7 x 5 εκ.


Kάλτσα βαμβακερής συνθεσης 
Μαλακό υποαλλεργικό πλενόμενο γέμισμα με επαναφορά
Κορδελα και ξύλινο σήμα "2020"

Sockool handmade plushies are soft sock creatures, cute sock animals and weird sock monsters, designed and handcrafted in Syros, Greece. Their magic lays in the transformation of an everyday object - a sock- into a creature.

They are excellent quality products made from natural socks (cotton and bamboo). They are stuffed with hypoallergenic washable toy filling which is super soft and remains fluffy.

Sockools are an ideal alternative gift solution for big and small kids.

The sock friend you will receive is handmade and unique, so please expect slight alterations form the depicted one. However, it will be as cool as the one you see here!

You can handwash it or even put it in the washing machine (programm for sensitive clothes and low temperature).

For children under three please choose the stitched-eyes option, which is safer, as it doesn't contain small parts (buttons).