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Sockool handmade plushies are soft sock creatures, cute sock animals and weird sock monsters. They are designed and handcrafted in Athens, Greece. They are excellent quality products made from natural socks (cotton and bamboo). They are stuffed with hypoallergenic washable toy filling which is super soft and remains fluffy.

There are five sockool families:

Mini - mini treats for your guests at a baptism, a party, a celebration
Sockino - cute small squeezable sock friends
Twolegs - Soft weird sock creatures with two legs [plus two hands or two wings]
Longlegs - Quirky sock monsters with extra long legs
Fourlegs - So cool fluffy sock animals

Presents for our loved ones need to be different, playful and...unpredictable! So if you are looking for an alternative gift solution to the-one-pair-of-socks-gift then think of Sockool and surprise your friends and family.